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Wendy’s course prepared me so thoroughly for the birth process in Norway as well as what it is like to be a new parent. Wendy imparts her impressive body of knowledge with a delightfully kind and reassuring tone. I would highly recommend Wendy’s course to any first-time parents.

The Birth Course was very informational and beneficial. I would recommend it. The hospital tour was also helpful as your time spent there is certainly a part of your childbirth experience. Being familiar with those surroundings helped make things a little less stressful. 

We attended went to the birth course and further recommended it to friends who shared a positive, personal and supportive experience. In addition to the birth course Wendy helped us through the birth of our daughter. The possibility of calling her during the late hours during the confusion and stress experienced at the hospital was crucial for going through the birth with faith in the decisions made. The contact also continued in retrospect and we received comfort and advice in the time of having trouble with breast feeding and being new parents worrying about everything. Wendy provided a gentle and loving guidance and still does…

We would recommend this course to every pregnant couple, because Wendy really gives you the confidence and positive spirit that you need in order to have a wonderful experience. Regardless of how easy or hard it might be, she will always be there with the best advice. She didn’t only help us while we were pregnant, but also during the first months when everything is new and sometimes overwhelming. Our baby is almost one year old now and she is still as present as any member of our family.

I can really recommend joining Wendy’s birth class! It helped me/us a lot and there is a lot I still remember even if our son is now 3,5. Later on I joined a massage course which my son enjoyed a lot. 

The birth course was exactly what we needed to prepare mentally for the labor. The course was informative about the system here in the Stavanger hospital, the stages of labor and what that entails for mother and baby. But the most valuable part of the course were the breathing techniques, the discussions of our expectations of the labor/parenting, and how to create the environment to achieve our own optimal birthing experience. I felt educated, confident and trusting in myself and my partner to make the right decisions for us when the time came to deliver our baby. The lesson I really took to heart and which I will carry with me to (hopefully) future pregnancies is to every once in awhile, during those contractions and after, smile. What a life saver! Breathing and smiling got us through mentally. 

When having our second child I asked Wendy to get a “refresher course” on the most important details and especially on how to combine having a 2 year old and a new-born in the house.
Wendy, you are doing a really good and very important job!!
Thank you so much! 

I started attending Wendy’s Baby Singing sessions with my boy when he was just 6 weeks old. At that time it was more of me socialising with other mums. I really enjoyed the sessions and being a first time mum, Wendy was the best person I could go to for advice – open, approachable, non-judgemental and knowledgeable. As my son grew older, he enjoyed the sessions too and he got to play with different toys and get exposed to a different environment. I highly recommend Wendy’s music sessions and am looking forward to attend them again when my next baby is born.

Great Baby Massage course. Enjoyed being out of the house visiting with other moms and their babies. I love having another form of bonding with my baby. Plus, it’s relaxing for us both. Love having the instruction booklet to guide me during massage at home. Thanks!

The First Aid course was very well organised and covered a great deal of content in the time allocated. I enjoyed the mix of theory and practical.

I think I did the Baby Massage course when my baby was about 4 weeks and up until then I had only been busy with ‘caring’: nappies, feeding, dressing, sleeping etc. It really helped me to spend some time with him doing something fun; seeing other mums and babies and being out of the house. It made me more relaxed and helped me get to know him even better. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone.
My baby’s daily massage has quickly become her favourite time of the day!