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Baby Massage

Baby massage is primarily a way of enhancing the bond between parent and child. It is soothing and reassuring both for your baby and for you and can be particularly helpful if your baby is going through a fretful, wakeful or colicy phase.
The massage routine I teach is most suitable for babies from birth to about 9 months of age and the earlier you start the better.

I am a CIMI (Certified Infant Massage Instructor) and can offer the following courses :

Group Course
This takes place in my home and consists of three sessions.
The cost is kr 1000 which includes written instructions and oil.

Private Course
I can also come to your home and give you individual instruction for the full massage routine.
This will take two sessions and cost kr 1500 including written instructions and oil.

Colic Relieving Massage
If your baby is troubled by colic or wind I can show you a specific short massage which might help.
You may bring your baby to me or I can visit you at your home.
The cost is kr 300 and this fee can be deducted from the cost of a full massage course should you decide to attend one.

Gift Vouchers for any amount towards the cost of a Baby Massage Course are also available and make an ideal present for new parents.