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Baby and Child Sleep Support


Plenty of good quality sleep is vitally important for the health and well-being of both children and their parents.

Does your baby or child wake frequently at night and is hard to settle afterwards? 
Do they resist going to bed or wake far too early in the morning?
Are nap times a struggle?
Is their sleep disrupted by bad dreams, night terrors or sleep walking?

There is lots of confusing and conflicting advice out there which can be hard for sleep-deprived parents to navigate.
As a qualified Baby and Child Sleep Supporter I can help you create a clear, evidence-based plan of action, tailor-made for your child and your situation. 

Use the contact form (click on the Get Help Now button below) to outline your sleep issue.
We can then schedule a non-judgemental and completely confidential Sleep Consultation at your home at a time to suit your family.

But, first of all, do you actually need help with your baby’s sleep? 

  • If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
    If you are happy with the sleep situation in your household and things are working well for you then don’t change it. If you don’t think you have a sleep problem then you don’t have a sleep problem.
  • It’s not a good idea to try to change things just because someone else says you should.
    (If your mother-in-law, for instance, thinks you have a sleep problem, you may actually have a mother-in-law problem!)
  • If you are feeling exhausted, angry and resentful most days due to lack of sleep, then it probably is time for a change.
  • If your baby is clearly not getting enough sleep take some action. Sleep is essential for health and development.
  • If your baby’s sleep pattern is impacting negatively on your health, job or relationships, you owe it to yourself to improve things as soon as possible.

You can book either a 90 minute Sleep Consultation or a 60 minute Sleep Chat.

90 minute Sleep Consultation.
(Your baby should be at least six months old and preferably over nine months).
This costs Kr 1500 and includes:
A full written sleep improvement plan specific to your child.
Unlimited on-line support and guidance when you are implementing the plan (usually over a period of 5 days).

60 minute Sleep Chat.
If your baby is under six months or if you are unsure about implementing a full sleep improvement plan then you can arrange a Sleep Chat to discuss the situation and get some helpful tips.
This costs Kr 600 which is deducted from your fee if you decide to go ahead with the full programme either then or at a later date.