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Birth Doula Service


At the moment I am not taking on any more clients for doula support because my current work load is making it difficult for me to commit to being able to attend births.
It may be possible to book myself and Sylvia http://stavangerbirthandbaby.com/made-by-nature/ as a team so that, if one of us is unable to be with you, the other can be.  Please contact either myself or Sylvia if you want to know more about this option.

The role of a birth doula is to give positive help and practical support – not opinions – for birth according to the birthing couple, or woman’s, needs.

In order for the relationship to be effective during labour it is vital that we get on well together and feel comfortable with each other.
I need to have a clear idea of your wishes for the birth; so far as you can know and articulate them. I cannot intervene medically or make choices for you but I can help you know what those choices are; support you in the choices you make yourself and help make sure your wishes are heard.
You should be aware that your needs and feelings are subject to change.
If we make a plan for me to be your birth doula you may AT ANY TIME change your mind about having me present at your birth. You must follow your feelings and need give no explanation or apology.

Cost of doula support.

Existing clients:
If you have attended a birth course or consultation with me then we will already know each other and the cost of my presence during your birth will be kr3000 regardless of the length of your labour or at what point you want me to be with you. Since an hourly charge would be unfair this seems to be the best way of doing it. Obviously if the birth is very short or if you change your mind and ask me to leave after a very short time then I will make an adjustment to the fee as appropriate.
New clients:
If you have not been on one of my courses then we need to meet to see if we ‘fit’ with each other. This initial meeting is free of charge.
I would then strongly recommend that you either attend one of my Birth and Baby Workshop Weekends (if it is your first baby) or that we arrange a Birth Consultation (if it is a second or subsequent baby).

If you then decide to use me as your doula then the additional cost would be kr3000 as outlined above.

Please feel free to contact me with additional questions.