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Directions and maps for the course venues

If you are coming to a course, please check the e-mail information I have sent you to see which venue applies.

Driving directions to Einervegen 31b 4056:
(venue for small courses)
Take the 509 to Tananger from either Sola or Stavanger direction.
Turn onto Tananger Ring at the Shell petrol station.
Drive past a turning on the right marked ‘Stadium’ and past an Idrettshall on the left.
Take the next turning on the right; this is Myrvegen.
Go over two speed bumps then take the first turning on the LEFT (ignore the sign for Einervegen on the right- the road goes both ways).
Drive up this short road and at the end there is a play park on the left and 31b is the last house on the right.
It is a pale grey house and has a large garage at the front.
You can park on the drive or in the street.

By bus:
Bus 2 from Stavanger.
Bus 42 from Sandnes or Sola .
Bus stop Myrvegen on Tananger Ring.

If you are coming from Stavanger direction the bus will take you round most of Tananger Ring first.
Look out for a small harbour on your right and then a shopping area on your left.
As you pass the shopping area ring the bell and get off at the stop at the top of the hill.
You should then be opposite Myrvegen.
Walk down Myrvegen and turn left at the crossroads. You will see a sign for Einervegen on the right but you need to turn left. This road is not very long and goes up a little.
Number 31b is the last house on the right and is a blue house.

If you are coming from Sola direction the bus will turn into Tananger Ring by the Shell station.
Wait until you have passed a white church on your left and then a sports hall on your left.
Ring the bell and get off at the next stop.
You should be just past Myrvegen, on the same side of the street.

My phone numbers are 51651822 or 92627910 if you get lost.

Einervegen 31b

Directions to Åsta Kongsmorsgate 7, Madla 4044

If driving with the Hafrsfjord on your left (from Sandnes/Forus/Sola), go past the Three Swords and come to a crossroads.
Turn right, past the Surf-In café and up Snorresgate.
Drive to the top of the hill (past one right turn) and bear right into Åsta Kongsmorsgate.
Number 7 is about 250m done here on the right.
It is a white house with a row of large boulders outside.
There should be room to park on the road but, as it is narrow, please be sure to park on one side only – the side on which the house is.
If driving down Madlamarkveien (from either direction) find Madlamark church (modern building with a red brick tower) and at the roundabout here turn downhill into Åsta Kongsmorsgate.
Number 7 is about 250m down this road on the left.
If driving down Regimentsveien head towards the Three Swords until you have passed the military school on your left.
When you reach the crossroads go straight across, past the Surf-In cafe and up Snorresgate.
Drive to the top of the hill (past one right turn) and bear right into Åsta Kongsmorsgate.
Number 7 is about 250m done here on the right.

Åsta Kongsmorsgate 7

Directions to Grannes Grendahuset, Grannesbakken 27, 4044 Hafrsfjord
(venue for Practical Skills for Labour Evenings)
Grannes Grendahuset is located next to Grannes Barnehage at the bottom of a road called Grannesbakken on the border between Sola and Madla.
You can approach it either from the uphill side (opposite Stavanger University) or from the downhill side (close to the fjord).
From the uphill side:
top entrance of the Grannesbakken is off Kristine Bonnevies vei opposite the UIS carpark. Go down the road and, towards the bottom, look out for a barnehage carpark on your left.
Park here and walk through to the Grendahus.
From the downhill side:
Turn into Grannesbakken from Madlaveien. Turn right if coming from the motorway. If you are coming from the Three Swords you will have to go up to the roundabout first and come back the same way before turning right.
Follow the road right up the hill and around the bend then look out for a barnehage carpark on your right.
Park here and walk through to the Grendahus.
Call me on 92627910 if you get lost!

Grannes Grendahuset

Directions to meeting point at Stavanger University Hospital (sykehus)

Find your way to the hospital (see map below) and turn right from the mini roundabout directly in front of it (if you have had a scan at the hospital you would have gone straight on at this roundabout).
Follow the road around a gentle curve to the right and past a multi-storey car park on the right (this is for hospital employees only so don’t park there). Continue around a left-hand bend to the visitors
(besøkender) car park which is underneath the hotel.
Take the lift up to the shop and main hospital entrance.
Turn right out of the lift, walk through the shop and past the Information desks to an area with some tables and chairs.
I will be looking out for you there and will have my mobile with me should you get lost or delayed.
My number is: 92627910

If you are coming by public transport check the advice here:http://www.helse-stavanger.no/en/PaaSjukehuset/Sider/Transport.aspx
and come in the main hospital entrance where you will find the information desks, as described above, immediately on your left.

Stavanger University Hospital