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Birth Courses


I offer Birth and Baby Workshops and Birth Consultations.
Please read the information below to decide which would be right for you.

Birth and Baby Workshop
This is a ‘birth course plus’ which focusses on the needs of expectant parents and on essential skills and choices for labour, birth and early parenting.
The aims of the Birth and Baby Workshop are:

  • to explain the process of birth: what exactly happens during labour and how that feels
  • to explore ways of working with labour: non-medical and medical ways of managing pain, giving support and working as a team
  • to increase physical and emotional confidence for both birth and baby care
  • to provide an opportunity to meet and work with other expectant parents

The workshop takes one weekend and three evenings to complete.
It begins with a practical skills session on a Wednesday evening. This is led by pregnancy yoga teacher, Christel Gibbs and covers breathing, positions, movement, massage and relaxation for late pregnancy, labour and birth.
The workshop continues (usually on the following weekend) from 10.00 to 17.00 on both the Saturday and Sunday.
The other two evenings are a visit to the hospital maternity units and a Basics of Breastfeeding evening.  These are arranged at times to suit the group.

The workshop is designed for couples however if you either do not have a partner or your partner is unable to attend you are very welcome to come alone or with another support person.

Birth and Baby Workshops are held regularly through the year depending on demand and the best time to attend one is during the last three months of your pregnancy.

The cost of the whole Birth and Baby Workshop is kr 3500 per couple.

Provisional dates for forthcoming Birth and Baby Weekend Workshops in 2019 are:
April 27/28, July 06/07, August 24/25, October 19/20 and December 7/8.

Individual Birth Course
If you are unable to attend a Birth and Baby Workshop I can usually offer an individual course as an alternative.
This would be in your own home at times to suit you and takes three evenings plus a visit to the hospital if you would like to do that.
The cost of an individual birth course is kr 4800 per couple.

Birth Consultation
If you have given birth before you may feel that you don’t need a full course and may want to arrange a Birth Consultation.
This is in your own home, at a time to suit you, and usually takes 2-3 hours.
We will talk through your previous birth or births and prepare for this birth and new baby. 
The cost of a Birth Consultation is kr1500.

If you wish to reserve a provisional place on a Birth and Baby Weekend Workshop or arrange an Individual Birth Course or Birth Consultation or if you have any questions please send a mail to wpagler@gmail.com


Confidence for birth.